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Originally Posted by RichardE View Post
The Kodak address for the prepaid mailers was a Lausanne PO Box No., but the lab seems to have been at Renens. There is an interesting video on Google Video at:

(Try Googling "Kodak Lausanne" on Google Video if the link doesn't work.)

No idea if they had a K-lab there, but the main plant looks very substantial? I assume that it was the last Kodak official lab, until it closed around 2008-ish and became just the mail drop address for films to be couriered to-and-from Dwaynes. The last processed slides must have been despatched from there to users around Feb last year, 2011. I've also read that unused chemicals were taken back to Dwaynes (and, looking at the videos of Dwaynes, it seems that they mixed chemicals on quite a large scale, rather than just using K-lab pre-packs).

The size of that lab looks huge!
Leaves Dwaynes lab for dead!
I shot some super 8 film in 2006 and kodak sent it to that lab and it got processed only about a month before they ceased prepaid processing of kodachrome.
Otherwise i would have had to pay Dwaynes to process it for me.
Interesting how it shows the cyan, magenta and yellow baths in those photos, i saw a similar thing of the photos at Dwaynes too, i thought the dye couplers had no colour and only created the dye on the film itself when the film was developed in the couplers, those baths look very stained!
I would like to see more video of kodachrome labs, there is not much around it seems, K14 appears to be top secret!
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