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Originally Posted by KR4myF2AS View Post
Fuji Velveeta? I will hazard a guess, and assuming it's not a trick question, will opt for one of the K11 or K12 emulsions: Kodachrome II or Kodachrome X ?

Your pretty close actually, but at the same time no! lol
I actually feel really bad for doing this, as it was never actually shot on film, its digital.
I took this in 2006 on my cheap Canon Ixus55 camera, and have been recently playing around with alien skin exposure in Photoshop, in an effort to try and replicate the various forms of Kodachrome film.
I have to say its rather accurate, especially as far as the reds go, and probably the closest thing to getting that Kodachrome look.
In this case, i replicated the original kodachrome film, from the 1930's-1960's. I should post a few pics of the same image including the original and simulations of other films to compare.
I feel that Fuji Provia is fairly close to Kodachrome as far as E6 films go, and would be a good canidate possibly for being scanned and then manipulated in photoshop, would be interesting to hear if anyone has done such a thing with any E6 films, as thats probably the best of both worlds, youv'e got the look and grain of real film, but the colours close to if not the same as kodachrome.
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