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Smile A little patience (and understanding) folks...

While the delay in the "pending approval" is something of a departure from past experience, a bit of understanding is perhaps in order here. As Dan has indicated in a recent (March) blog, he has more than his hands full workwise (a book, etc. as well as possible future workshops, and possibly some well-earned leisure time with his SO).
If our own "Kodachrome projects" consumed a significant portions of our own leisure time (and $$$) over the last two years ( I spent a grand total of 11 weekends at home from May 2009 until December 2010, shooting some 300 rolls in the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver and Vancouver Island), imagine what the effort has meant for Dan; the notion of an all-consuming effort would seem to describe the last several years of his life. A litle reprieve from the activity would be both understandable and wholly warranted.
Certainly the fall-off in postings to this forum is a bit of a let-down: judging by both the number of hits to the K-14 processing post as well as the continuing addition of new members to this forum, interest in Kodachrome continues (and to eBayers: sales continue to this day; lot sizes do of course vary). Perhaps we are attracting neophytes?
For my part, I do hope for an eventual response from Dan: after a 6-month haitus from shooting color, I am reloading the Nikons and heading to the national parks at the end of July to do some comparison shooting (E6 emulsions alongside digital) and would like, for interest sake, to post some of the results on this site.
Keep the faith and be patient: we are photographers after all!
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