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Originally Posted by KR4myF2AS View Post
Re: People still buying Kodachrome on ebay. Possibly a couple of reasons can be suggested: 1). Nostalgia (that, like other EK memorabilia, the hope that Kodachrome film itself eventually has collectible value); 2). Folks wanting "cheap" film to experiment with; 3). Diehard types still awaiting word from Kittlegraphy; and 4). Folks taking EK's recent announcement that Ektachrome will be returning and that the company was studying the case for Kodachrome (more likely that pigs will fly, however...) as well.
The diehards in your point 3) are also hoping against hope that maybe someone else will process at least a few Kodachromes. Even if the dyes are not stable, getting a roll processed and scanning it would make some of us very happy, so we are buying a few. In my case, I missed one roll intended to be shipped in my last batch sent to Dwayne's and it has been in my freezer ever since next to a few purchased and waiting forlornly for the above.

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