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I know many of you are going to be sad, I am too. But I am also extremely pleased to see Kodak keeping it around long enough to actually shoot and get it processed in 2010.

I never once thought that the concept of this project would save Kodachrome completely, but I did have aspirations of it going as long as it is going to.

If you really knew how hard it has been for Kodak to come to this decision, especially given the fanfare in the last two years, you would totally understand that Kodak is actually fully in support of keeping great films in the hands of photographers for years to come.

I sincerely commend Kodak for keeping Kodachrome around as long as it has been, I have stated this before and it is utterly amazing.

Every time someone has clamored for Kodak to bring back Kodachrome products that have been discontinued, I have tried to implore that what not likely going happen and to shoot the Kodachrome we have now. I have even pretty much spelled out what was going to happen in terms of the product and support in previous threads.

So please, the world is going to come here and want to see what this project is all about, so I would hate to think that they would encounter anything but a great attitude to what will be a fantastic 18 months for anyone shooting the film.

This truly is a time for us to celebrate, if you give up now, it will not make any sense.

This does not have to be a funeral, it can and should be a party.
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