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Originally Posted by lxdude View Post
I have found Velvia to be useful in heavy overcast. The colors are muted down some and actually look real.
One of the more unusual Velvia exposures I've ever made came about when a friend dragged me out into the green space behind the office building to see the hoarfrost that had accumulated on the trees.

This was one of the "get your camera, quick" moments.

Here's one of the frames from that shoot ...

Well, for some reason I didn't have my carry-everywhere camera with me that day, but in my car I did have the GIII loaded with Velvia.

As everyone knows, the best camera for a shoot is the one you have there and now. Likewise, the best film for a shoot is what you have.

It almost looks to be B&W as you can see. No, I did no de-saturation or anything in Photoshop. Yes, this is really-truly Velvia 50.
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