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Old 01-31-2011, 01:09 AM
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Default Kodacrome scans

I hate to say it, but most of the scans I see here are really substandard. They simply don't do justice to the potential that the film often holds. Like many here I've been shooting Kodachrome since the mid '70s and like many had a last minute fling with an old favorite. Kodachrome is a bit harder to scan than other transparency films, but with a little care and some basic color correction skills, it scans extremely well. The two biggest problems are that no CCD scanners can record all the shadow detail inherent, and that most scanners see K-14 dyes differently than E-6 and often give a bluish cast that is more prominent in the shadows. Of course CCD scans complicate this by not being able to see the base color as it's beyond the d-max of the chip.

The scans I'm posting here were all scanned on a Howtek HR8000 drum scanner. While there are Kodachrome IT-8 targets, my scanner is profiled with a Hutchcolor Velvia target and it actually works pretty well for Kodachrome. I just have to override the black point dropping the blue component down to where E-6 films generally come in.

The shot of Gee was shot just after Christmas on a 23 year old roll of PKM that expired in 1991. The Red Mountain image was around '84. The cars are still there today but no photogenic in the least. West Rawlins was on a road trip in 1990 or '91 and is what I consider a great example of how Kodachrome color can enhance an image.
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