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Old 07-15-2012, 05:10 AM
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Default An Apology for my Absence…

Hi guys,

First, I want to thank all of you who have posted here in keeping the place alive, seriously. I owe you a Kodachrome beer / pop can coozie, I am going to have them made soon.

Secondly, I am getting ready to change the site up a bit. I am going to be moving the blog to the front page, updating content pages and upgrading the forum to the most current version.

But here is where the apology comes in….

Even though I planned it in 2004, the Kodachrome Project really started for me in earnest in August of 2006, visually speaking. I also met a great gal who would eventually become my girlfriend for most of the time of the project. Well, as life can sometimes be imperfect, so was the relationship…we grew apart, being on the road a lot from 2008-2011 did not help either. But the final blow came in September of 2010 when I had to tell her that I had fallen for another woman while on the road. I brooded over this for weeks, wanted to make sure and after awhile, I did. I had met the woman I was supposed to marry and within a few months finally did. Now, even though my girlfriend and I at the time I had met my wife were a little more than friends who shared a close life, it still stung…and it stung even more when she found out that only a few months after she had moved out, I was married, it made her never want to talk to me again.

This really hurt…in fact, it hurt to the point that I did not want to finish my project…those last few weeks in the dead of Winter in Kansas were tough as heck. So the 1,284 rolls I had shot sat largely unlooked at for over a year…I stopped coming to the site. I had to heal, I had to hold it inside and not ruin my wonderful marriage.

But I just wrote my ex girlfriend and told her I can not wait any longer, I have to see this through and put those splendid images to use, put out the book and give this site new life.

So I just want to tell you that I am sorry I have been neglecting not only the site, but the project of a lifetime I set out to do. I owe a lot of people thanks for this, including poor Kodak who paid a large part of my lab bill and my wonderful wife Sarah who I might not have ever met if it were not for this project.

So stick around, the place will live up to what I have envisioned…

'Digital is like shaved legs on a man - very smooth and clean but there is something acutely disconcerting about it.'

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Old 07-16-2012, 10:56 AM
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Kodachrome Project can coozies? Interesting idea. How about reissuing Kodachrome Project t-shirts? I am sure there more than a few of us late joiners who would be interested in purchasing one or two or...
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Old 07-20-2012, 05:25 PM
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Taking a diversion and sometime off happens; whether it's positive or negative.

In my case, Kodachrome brought me a rush to photograph things. In between there was a trip which was of the life changer kind. After 2011 came in... nothing, I became drained. I got an interest in music and audio and learnt to improve my music appreciation skills.
And there was this year. On the carnival even in my highschool I decided to take film in. A few days before I discovered that the snaps I took with my digital went missing... Tri-X would take care of it.

And now... I feel a need to shoot and a feeling that wants to go on film... But Medium Format. It has been a long siren call too strong to resist and I might as well soon fall for it. Make 35mm a smaller thing with a P&S like an XA and do the serious stuff on MF. But there's a lack of infrastructure (tripod, scanner) and that costs cash... I'm a student who doesn't earn a penny and has expenses.

The recession... Spain is in a bad situation. Us, the citizens are pessimistic. Even I have been falling on it. Income and work uncertainities, rising taxes. Hope this darned thing ends soon.

As they say: good times, bad times, we all have a good share!

As of the Kodachrome project, great to see you around here often. That book is a thing that looks very interesting and I do want to get one of those.

Read your thread about reinvigorating and promoting film on photo.net; After my pessimistic rant above, I think that youngsters like me are the ones that have to take over, and will.
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Old 08-04-2012, 06:04 PM
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Good to hear.

I'll try asking just once more:
I'd like to interview you and write up an article. If you would like that that, let me know. If not, that's cool too. I won't bring it up again.
Sometimes, in order to find true beauty, one must be willing to take certain risks.

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