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Old 08-06-2015, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by nzoomed View Post
Film Ferrania would be our only hope for producing any K14 chemistry, and Dave Bias did not say "no" when asked on the APUG thread, however he would have to talk to their team of chemists to see how easy it would be and they have alot on their plate right now.

Either way, if they could get their hands on a working K-lab, that would be your best best for K-14 processing to happen and perhaps a kickstart fund for getting it off the ground.

Whether or not they ever produce a kodachrome like film remains to be seen, but i see them introducing new and exciting films from their archive of forgotten formulas. I would be happy to send my fillm to italy for processing if they ever did reproduce a kodachrome "copy" however.
As a Kickstarter contributor to Ferrania, I'll be more than satisfied if they succeed in overcoming all their problems and create successful E6 films, with possibly supporting processing services. I'm sure it will work out, given time, but, much as I would love to see a Kodachrome copy, I think it would be a big mistake if they tried to diversify into any other films until they have a solid business base.
And, even if anyone did produce a Kodachrome-copy, it can be no more than a copy and is unlikely to match the characteristics of the original product....remembering also that many people alleged that there were visible differences in Kodachrome produced in the various Kodak factories, e.g. USA, France and UK.
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