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Old 09-23-2014, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by pharmboycu View Post
*Sigh* Are there any of us still holding out hope?
I was, i bought 20 rolls after reading klittlegraphy's post back in 2010.
Anyway, ive since sold most of them on ebay and made a profit, ive kept a couple of rolls incase something comes out of it, it seems easier to sell kodachrome on ebay than it does with ektachrome, so people must be stockpiling it for some reason.

We are down to 2 manufacturers producing E6 film, Agfa in Belgium gurantee it will be available for at least 3 years, and when ferrania restart E6, we will have 3 manufacturers producing the stuff which is good to hear.

Anyway, we should try and contact klittlegraphy and see if he needs any help, he said he was involved in a building project and was busy with that, a kickstarter sounds like a good idea.
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