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Old 11-04-2011, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Dan_KR64 View Post
As written to me off the record by a solid source:

"The declaration by the Swiss ILFORD division, at 1st reading looks like a dedicated group of artisans who just cannot afford the price of gold anymore with which to sculpt their precious little baubles for the masses. After much back and forth including a lengthy conversation with Christian Neumann (German rep), it all leaves me confused. It would appear that nothing is cast in stone. For sure there will be another run, which means coat a piece of ILFOCHROME the size of a football field and divvy it up. The rumor has it the 30% increase is not realistic and will be reduced to a smaller more workable figure. And any increase will only affect paper and film products not chemistry. Which is really good news because a bottle of fine Cognac is literally cheaper than ILFOCHROME chemistry.

My understanding is that possibly next week will provide a clearer picture (so to speak). The Swiss are notoriously detail oriented but they also move painfully slow in the logistics of change regardless of the direction. Change is not necessarily good!
****I spoke with my XXXXXXX rep and there has been a run on the stock they have, which means someone must like ILFOCHROME, which means there actually is a demand for it. The down side is the XXXXXXX is out of most stock however there is a large delivery en route. Everything is shipped via container and boats just don't go as fast as airplanes, as well as the distribution once it arrives can be tedious. The bottom line on this whole issue is it's not over till the fat lady sings. And it is most definitely possible she might sing a different song than the one anticipated."

I really hope this is not the end of Ilfochrome as I have a show from Kodachrome slides to print when I have the money...
Hi Dan,

Are you saying that there has been talk that Ilfochrome may not be around much longer? Great...I guess I'll have to get moving and get some of my favorite images prepared over the coming months...to have them printed on llfochrome. Lately I've been doing more newspaper photography, so I'm shooting digitally for almost everything lately. It really sounds like the bottom is falling out of everything related to color slide film lately.

Btw, I recently got a digital sound recorder...if you're still up for that interview and me writing an article on what you have been up to the past few years. Offer still stands.
Sometimes, in order to find true beauty, one must be willing to take certain risks.

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Old 12-28-2011, 11:02 PM
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Looks like Ilfochrome is history, I bought into enough for my show, but this is it...
'Digital is like shaved legs on a man - very smooth and clean but there is something acutely disconcerting about it.'

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Old 12-29-2011, 01:29 PM
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Default Ilfochrome

I share your feelings. Was bad enough when it replaced
Cibachrome, and then the chemistry went out of sight.
Will not miss the stench and foam when you added the neutralizer
to the bucket of waste before dumping it though. Ha!
Best regards,
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Old 10-13-2012, 01:33 PM
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Yes, it's sad to see this old process go away. Cibachrome was the first colour print method I used in the 1980's. I used my father's kitchen, all blacked out with a heavy curtain across the windows. It's a shame I was never really any good at it, but i suppose I can blame my rubbish enlarger, soft lens and poor cleanliness on the slides - there was always at least one speck of dust on my prints! You know what they say about a poor workman...

I'm kind-of glad I only print black and white these days - still I learnt a lot from Cibachrome. Ah well, happy days...

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Old 12-04-2012, 01:29 PM
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Default Bump

Bump - Kodachrome only posts here
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